About us

We are the first production investment from the People's Republic of China in Slovakia.. Although we are a new company, our tradition in the production of leisure shoes dates back to 1990. At present, we are engaged in the production of products made of  EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). It is a polymer that is very soft, flexible and strong, which can be in the shape of many products..

At the moment our company is dedicated to the production process - production of leisure / beach shoes (as you can see in our catalogue). However, we have the ability to produce other products (wellies, key fobs and other EVA products based on mould availability).

Our current production line is located in the northeast of Slovakia in the district of Bardejov, a historically important city for the shoe industry. The production is made of quality products / materials with qualified workers, always with the goal that “Made in Slovakia” shoes represent quality all over the world. We want to be one of the major employers in the region, and we want our employees to be proud of the FLAMEshoes brand they work for.

The company invested in a new production hall in Kružlov. In the production hall, the company expanded production and increased production by installing additional technological equipment (lines). We have been on the market for more than 6 years. We mainly export to neighbouring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France.

Our ambition is to continue and further develop the tradition of shoemaking in the Bardejov region, including through the use of new modern technologies, which are becoming increasingly attractive on world markets.

We cooperate with companies such as:

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